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De Stoffenstunter De Stoffenstunter De Stoffenstunter De Stoffenstunter De Stoffenstunter De Stoffenstunter
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De Stoffenstunter

Velours de panne, Goud
€ 2.50 P/MTR.
Velours de panne, Rood
€ 2.50 P/MTR.
Organza Zwart
€ 2.00 P/MTR.
Organza Goud
€ 2.00 P/MTR.
Feeststoffen, Zilver
€ 4.50 € 3.50 P/MTR.
Feeststoffen, Goud
€ 4.50 € 3.50 P/MTR.
Welcome to De Stoffenstunter
Welcome to our website!

We are market vendors,  and our name is "de StoffenStunter". We have been at market places troughout the Netherlands for several years now selling fabulous fabrics for clothing, curtains, etc., at low prices starting from €1.50/m.

Now you can visit us on the internet as well! It is very easy to pick and choose the fabrics you want. No need to leave home any more! Ordering at out website saves you time, and bad weather doesn't bother you any more!
Visit our website regularly to view fabrics we buy every week.
In our fabricshop you can view the different fabrics. If you want details about the fabric, click on the photo.
Don't hesitate to mail or call us, if you have any questions or if you want to receive a sample.
We hope to receive your order soon, or see you on the market.
The StoffenStunter.